اختبار إلكتروني English

Read the following passage and choose the best answer:- There always seems to be new types of food in the supermarket. But what do we know about the food that we eat? Do we always know where it comes from, and can we trust it to make us strong and healthy? Some experts worry that although we are living longer, many people are less healthy than in the past. This might be because we do not always eat healthy food. Food producers all want to sell us their delicious produces, but how healthy are they? Scientists tested food that we can buy in supermarkets and the results might surprise you. We all know that you mustn’t drink water from the sea, but did you know that there are some types of soup that are saltier than seawater? Scientists also found that some fruit juice is worse for you than fizzy drinks because although it is natural, it contains a lot of sugar. And it is thought that some sports drinks have eight teaspoons of sugar in them! If you want to buy healthier food, you should check the labels on any food you buy at the supermarket. Personally, I will be cooking my own food from now on. In this way, I will always know the amount of sugar and salt in my meals. اول سؤال:- 1- According to the text, many people today……………. than people in the past.
2- What is the problem with some types of soup ?
3- What do you think a teaspoon can hold?
4- According to the text, why is it a good idea to check the labels of food at a supermarket?